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Collaborative Leadership, Complexity, Organizational Development and Strategic Planning for the new paradigm utilize tools and mental models designed to stimulate curiosity and embrace the collective wisdom of groups. We partner with others to offer leadership retreats, strategic planning, and facilitation processes. Our most recent clients include the Austin Health Commons

​Green Design, Climate Mitigation and Whole Systems Thinking require an approach that focuses on process and relationship. These manifest as models of non-heirarchy, equity, regeneration, restoration and circular thinking. Jamie brings experience from the Green Guide for Healthcare Steering Committee, the nations first health-based metrics for healthcare construction, design and operations and climate mitigation keynotes,trainings, workshops, systems and network design.


​Sustainable Food Systems and Food Service are in the midst of a radical redesign. Jamie has been recognized as a national thought leader and as twenty most influential food systems leaders for his work on sustainable food system policy and practice change. Through the lens of individual, community and planetary health Jamie brings hands on experience in policy change, publications, public speaking, education, co-operative grocery governance, procurement, food service transformation and food system redesign.

Community Wealth, Community Health, Health and Healthcare Systems are intimate relationship. Healthcare and community leaders are increasingly aware of the link between individual, community and planetary health and are seeking new strategies and approaches. This shift in understanding provides an opportunity to increase community benefit, improve population health and leverage significant goodwill.  Through the application of systems thinking with a focus on community, green design, living economies, climate change and food systems, we offer decades of successful policy, communications, marketing and operational expertise and an approach that helps bridge and strengthen the shared interests of planetary, healthcare and community stakeholders.



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