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Across sectors, individuals and organizations are wrestling with complexity and rapid change. There is a sensing of the need for a new way forward, systemic solutions, and a hunger for a new language which recognizes the intimate connection between individuals, communities and the planet.

In this transition, leadership approaches which embrace curiosity, foster collaboration and relationship, and which seek and honour diversity and collective wisdom are essential. 


This is space in which we thrive and seek to support. If you are seeking clarity, technical or organizational support, or would like to grow your leadership skills we would like to partner with you!

Jamie is a nationally recognized thought leader and strategist through his extensive experience at the intersection of healthcare, community and ecological health. For this work, he has been interviewed and cited in Time Magazine, USA Today, Minnesota and National Public Radio.

As a heart-centered, civil engineer Jamie has provided consulting services, keynote presentations and leadership workshops internationally for clients including the Austin Health Commons, Blue Green Alliance, Democracy Collaborative, City of San Francisco, World Health Organization and the Chinese Environmental Protection Agency.


He is the author of numerous health and prevention journal articles and is a contributor to the textbook Integrative Medicine.



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