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Quiet Forest

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  • “Beyond Mental Health: Psychedelics, Radical Wholeness and Interbeing”, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, San Diego, 2023 Keynote Presentation

  • “Reconnecting to the Sacred: Food Systems and Lessons from Our Planet Teacher”, Food as Medicine Global, 2023, Virtual Global Presentation

  • “Working in Complexity”, Psychedelic Research and Training Institute, 2020, Virtual Global Conference

  • "Justice, Reconciliation and the Gifts of Nature”, College of St. Scholastica Alworth Center for the Stud"y of Peace and Justice, Duluth, 2019 Keynote Presentation

  • “CleanMed Ted Talks”, Health Care Without Harm CleanMed Conference, Minneapolis, MN 2017

  • "A Well-being Approach to Climate Change", Keynote, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, 2017

  • “What is Health Creation?”, International Congress for Integrative Health & Medicine, Stuttgart, Germany, 2016, Keynote

  • “The Affordable Care Act and Health Creation”, Integrative Medicine for the Underserved, Portland, OR, 2014 Keynote





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