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Facilitating at Commons Health Conference.

“Jamie Harvie is an innovative leader and strategist in environmental sustainability. He engages others in pursuing big ideas with pragmatic professionalism.”


Kathy Gerwig – Vice President of Employee Safety, Health and Wellness and Environmental Stewardship Officer at Kaiser Permanente

Offering a "teach" at a leadership retreat.

​​​​“Jamie is a great communicator on issues related to food and health. He is also a great connection maker, and can bring people together.”

Lenny Lesser M.D. – Clinical Research Lead and Family Physician One Medical Group and Policy Committee Member National Physicians Alliance


Presenting at AIHM Conference.

“ Jamie spearheaded healthier food systems in the health care sector and was the impetus for the movement underway. His commitment to the work, connection with health care workers and his positive approach have pushed this issue in the forefront of health care sustainability initiatives.”

Janet Howard – Director Practice Greenhealth and Director of  Healthier Hospitals Initiative

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